Hi, My name is MP I too have an online loan. Wh

Hi, My name is MP I too have an online loan.

What I want to know what kind of later do I need to send to my PDL company..

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The above posters are right. If the lender is licensed in your state, then you are liable to pay both the principal and interest. By the way what state do you live in? What is the name of the pdl company? How much did you borrow from them?

What state are you in? What are the names of payday loan companies? If the payday loan companies are illegal in your state, then you should send a letter to them informing that you're only going to pay the principal amount. You can check out the format of the letter from the following url:


Payday loans are not legal in every state. So, you should first check out whether or not your lenders are licensed to operate in your state. If not, then you should contact them and send them the principal amount to get rid of the debts. You can write a letter mentioning this fact and send it to the lender or you can even contact them over the phone regarding this matter.

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