Hi , I was just checking my Credit report and ther

Hi , I was just checking my Credit report and there is a civil judgement against me for $4000.00. Rubin and Rothman are the attorney's. Now my situation is that I haven't been in the States since @007. The judgement is dated 6 June 2011. The old account was open in 1999. Now what I see is that the account was open in 2007. I never received any type of traffic between myself and this so call law firm. Is there any action I can take.

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I guess one needs to be served properly before a judgment is awarded against him. Consulting an attorney is definitely there.

If a judgment has been issued against you, then you need to pay it off. I think you should go to the county court office once. Consult an attorney if required.

It’s really a very tricky situation. You can consult with an experienced attorney in this regard. I hope he/she will guide you in a better way to take any important decision.


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