Hi. I had an internet payday loan in 2008 from PD

Hi. I had an internet payday loan in 2008 from PDL ventures. Soon after I went bankrupt and thought I had listed this loan, but didn't. So a few months ago I started getting collection calls. After I realized I did still owe them money, I paid them what I owed. But now today my family received harrassing calls from a collection agency again stating that I owe them money. I told them that I had already paid my loan off, but they say its not for the loan its for a bounced check, and that they are going to prosecute me for the bad check. What should I do? Are they really able to prosecute me? I've already paid them everything they said I owed and now they want more.. Please help!

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Yep…Anna is right. You haven’t mentioned the name of your state. So it’s very difficult to say whether or not the pdl company is licensed in your state. To know about your state pdl laws, check out the given page:

Is the payday lender licensed to operate in your state? You should check out your state laws regarding the same. If the lender is not licensed to operate in your state, then they won't be able to file any lawsuit against you in order to recover the debt. You can even speak to an attorney in this regard and take his opinion as to how you can proceed in this matter.

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