Hi, I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was dis

I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was discharged in january 2009. I had a first, second, and home equity line of credit which i worked with lenders and modified all three. I have been making timely payments on all three agreed.

However, i checked my credit report and it shows all three, but they are showing that the loans were included in bankruptcy, and no other entries regarding the refinance/modifications and the fact that my payments have been paid timely since then. the auto loan does not show it was paid off in full and it is a revolving account.

what do i do? im trying to rebuild credit and have discovered that not reporting the timely payments is hurting me from getting any new credit

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My suggestion is to contact the lenders that agreed to work with you and state your problem with them. Sometimes all they have to do is contact the credit bureaus and have them change the status from Included in Bankruptcy to Pays As Agreed. By no means am I saying they will do that. Because when you filed your bankruptcy, a letter was sent to all of your creditors weather you filed on them or not. So I would call them up and explain the burden is has on your credit score. As long as you have maintained your good payment history with them after the bankruptcy it shouldn't be a problem. You have shown them that you want to pay this debt, other wise you would have included them in your bankruptcy. Give that a try and see if it helps. You may have to produce some paperwork from your proceedings but you should have everything they need.

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