Here is my situation: I have one judgment against

Here is my situation: I have one judgment against me, Bank of America (via Love, Beal, Nixon attorneys in Oklahoma City), for 11,000. I have a balance due, 9,000+, with Capital One. I have not made any payments for more than two years on this account. Their most recent communication contains three "last chance" options - each requiring monthly payments of 1,000-3,000 beginning in March. I live in Oklahoma, a non community property state. The first debt came about via an ex husband who failed to make payments according to divorce decree, but I am legally liable for the debt. The second debt I incurred after the divorce. I am remarried. I am not employed and have no assets or bank accounts in my name. Question 1: I would like to return to work, but want to settle both debts - get a payment plan set up - first so that I do not end up with a garnishment letter being sent to a new employer. Can a debt resettlement company help me with a debt that has a judgment already granted against me? Question 2: Even though I do not live in a community property state, will filing taxes married filing jointly make my new spouse vulnerable to being held liable for my two debts?

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This is a very complicated situation. Let’s see what the other community experts say.

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