Here is my situation. I have a court judgment agai

Here is my situation. I have a court judgment against me for a Bank of America credit account in the amount of 11,000. I have a letter from long past due (I've made no payments for over two years) Capital One offering me a "last chance" choice of three options. All three options require payments of 1,000-3,000 dollars beginning in March. Both are from a previous marriage; the first my ex defaulted on but I am liable. The second is mine. I am remarried and unemployed. I have no property in my name, no bank accounts, etc. I do not live in a community property state. Question #1: I would like but do not need to return to work. I do not want a new employer to receive a wage garnishment letter, so want to settle both debts with some sort of payment plan BEFORE I return to work. Can a debt settlement company help me with a debt that already has a judgement? Question 2: Even though I do not live in a community property state, will filing taxes married/filing jointly with my husband affect his liability for my debt?

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As a general rule you do not get a  settlements with a payment plan...settlements by defination are a one time payment.  Some creditors will allow a year of payments. A payment plan usually requires you pay the entire balance including the accuring interest. 

Cap One is likely to sue you.

Since you are not dependant on the income, get a JOB and use that income to pay off this debt.  So what if they garnish you!  The debt is being paid. Employers see garnishment orders every day...they are no big deal.


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