Help! I recently looked in my bank account and a l

Help! I recently looked in my bank account and a legal processing fee and levy fee. This wiped out my entire bank account. The bank gave me a name of a man (allegedly a court officer) and the office stated that I could pay them monthly for the $2,245 I owe, and the credit card company will receive the money through them. How do I know if Capital 1 will receive the money. How do I know if this "court officer" is collecting my money properly?

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Yes, it will be best for you to contact Capital one and enquire if they have recruited an officer to collect the dues. Moreover, let us know if you were ever informed about this garnishment.

Don't make any payments right now. You should contact Capital One regarding this matter. If Capital One confirms that the court officer is telling the truth, then you can make the payments to the court officer.

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