Hello, my name is Adam, and I am getting burdened

Hello, my name is Adam, and I am getting burdened by bad debt from stupid decisions I made right out of high school. I have credit cards that are way behind on payments with over $1,500.00 debt. I have medical bills that are totaled around $5,000. Also, have other bills in collection that add another $4,000. To top it all off I made a stupid decision to get an installment loan from The Cash Store (and I am having a lot of trouble keeping up with it) Also have a title loan from Titlemax. I got those so I could try to pay off other debt, but ended up adding more weight to the debt stockpile. I rent a house with 2 roommates in which I am having trouble with my share of the bills because of the loans, I own my car, I live in Illinois, I pay my child support and everything. I just am at a breaking point and I am 25 years old. I don't know where to start or what to do. I'm in dire need of help. :/ I want to get back on track and show that I am responsible and not a person with horrible judgement......please help

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As far as your unsecured debts are concerned, I will suggest you to either consolidate or settle the debts. You can contact a debt relief company and take their assistance in paying off the debts. They will negotiate with your creditors and help you to get an affordable payment plan to pay off the debts. If you have a loan on your car, then you can contact the car lender and request him to provide you with a repayment plan which will make the payments affordable for you.

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