Hello good.nelly! This one may be a tough one fo

Hello good.nelly!
This one may be a tough one for you?

We are in probate to pay off creditors with one lump sum payment very soon. Since this is a probate, can I negotiate with these companies? How do you recommend I handle this?

My attorney is not aggressive enough to do this the way we want i.e. she is telling us the discount is about 20% and that is about all she cares to do for us.
We have discovered especially through this site, that this figure is a no effort “default” rate, that quite frankly, the lawyers do not want to spend their time on, as we have seen over the months with this firm handling it (albeit not unique to them, yes?).

An answer to this ASAP MOST APPRECIATED and thank you for your valuable time in this matter.

Allen Olson allen12435@yahoo.com 702-898-3611

2 Answers

It seems that you don't have full confidence on your attorney. In such a situation, you can take a second opinion from another attorney. A good attorney can guide you to handle the case efficiently. You can also contact the creditors regarding this issue. 

Please do not post personal information like phone numbers and emails on this site.

You should be talking to the attorney handling the probate.....obviously she thinks it is ok to offer less so If you want to offer less, you should be talking to HER.  That is what she is paid for.










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