Hello. We are currently being pursued by a company

Hello. We are currently being pursued by a company named Debt Source Solutions. We can find very little information on this company. They are offering debt reduction our mortgage as well as our credit card. Should we use their services or walk away? Thank you!

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Ditto on all the scam  comments.  But, if you can, please e-mail mgregg0775@charter.net a number I can reach this company (as it seems the number I keep trying is no longer valid).  Thank you

I say, hang up immediately.  They did the same thing to me.  I heard from the faithfully a few times a week.  I sent and did all the paperwork.  The took the money out, and in the fourth month, I never heard from them again.  I closed and changed my accounts so they could take no more out.  If you or anyone can find any recourse to getting our money back I'd really like to hear from you.  please let me know at shannonlspangler@aol.com.  I could really use the money back since I'm unemployed and they scammed me good.  Help if you can

It has been 7 months in their program. It is a scam and they have taken $6000 and accomplished nothing. They have handed us to another company who is asking for more money. Our home is now in foreclosure and we are attempting to negotiate with our lender. STAY AWAY!!

They just called me.  Don't do it!

Make a google search on the company. I am sure you'll get some information. Check out the client testimonials and online reviews. 

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Hang up the phone.

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