Hello, I had 6 pay day loans 4 online and 3 in st

I had 6 pay day loans 4 online and 3 in store in cinti ohio. I joined Northern Credit Solution for get out of these loans. I did this in January. I have been getting calls from an Online PD SEASIDE with threats to sue. I then got a call from my HR department saying they called and was given a phone number and case number for me to call. I called and they said if I do not pay within 72 hours they are coming to my job or residence to serve me papers to appear in court to sue me! Help is this true? I called my courts and they have no such case number. Questions; Can they sue me and serve me papers on my job? Can my job fire me for this? I am a teacher and quite embarrassed.
Thanks Linda

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Thanks all for this advice- I did not do a  wage assingment revocation and given it to my payroll department. b/c I do not know what this is and afraid the may put this in my file in HR department and fear that it will count against me as a teacher. What is a wage assingment revocation? This is an awful position to be in.



Do one thing. Tell them that you're not going to pay a penny even after 100 hours. You're eagerly waiting for the papers. See, what they tell you. Two persons can play the same game simultaneously.

I completely agree with Soaplady. I think they are illegal. Check out this page to know about how to handle illegal lenders:

Seaside Payday is offshore and is therefore ILLEGAL. Nobody is coming to your job.  Hopefully you have done a wage assingment revocation and given it to your payroll department.

Ohio is a low interest loan state and more than likely, your loans are all illegal.  Has Northern Credit Solution talked to you about this?  With illegal loans, you only owe principal...and you shouldnt be paying a 3rd party to pay these types of loans.

How to Deal with Illegal Loans..OhioGal's Primer
PDL's are ILLEGAL in the following states...
OH AND NH have very restrictive low cost interest rate laws.

SOL for all states

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