Hello I am having a very hard time making payments

Hello I am having a very hard time making payments on some debts that are starting to fall behind due to my reduse income. I am in the Military and have been for the past 14 years, and I have added upo all of the debts that I owe at this time and it has accured up to $26,000. I know that it has gotten out of hand, and I am stuck at a multi-fork-in-the-road type delimma. What can I do to first to ease the pain of living by paycheck to paycheck just make ends meet. I really dont know where to go to work on this issue, and what to do first....PLEASE HELP!!??

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First I like to say to all who answered my question, thank you for the advice and right now in progress of taken care of the case. The answer to the question how I got my income to be reduced? Well lets just say I argued with the wrong person of high ranking, and I will leave it at that. Again Thank You all for the help in this matter.

I too agree with my previous poster. Do whatever she has said.

Talk to the JAG officer and maybe he can give you a lead on how to handle the case. How did your income get reduced? Disability?

For you being in the military, I would recommend going thru your JAG office and find out who they recommend.  Probably a non profit like Consumer Credit Counselling Service. 

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