Have settled all other credit cards except USBank.

Have settled all other credit cards except USBank....I haven't paid since Nov. 2011, they keep saying they can't begin to settle until May 2012.......I owe $8100...Why is it taking them so long to even talk about this? I will be 150 days this week?

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From what I've read on other sites about US Bank, sounds like they having a very long waiting period, like a year in some accounts. Then they'll ask you make a "good faith" deposit; don't do it.

Google it!

Call them and ask if they are really interested in settling the debt. If they can give you a valid reason, then you may wait till May.

It would be best for you to go and have a talk with the US Bank directly. Ask them the reason why they cannot begin to settle until May 2012 when you are ready to pay off the debt that you owe them.

This is quite surprising!!! You are already late and they are supposed to at least talk about the payments even if they do not want to settle. I think, you should ask them clearly about this or else get the help of a debt settlement company to get the debt settled.

Contact with US Bank and ask them!!

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