Have a lawsuit filed against me. The debt is clear

Have a lawsuit filed against me. The debt is cleared from my 1 Credit Report Agency and set to expire on the 2 other in Feb. The original debt was closed and went in not payment stats in 05/06. The collection agency that has expired is continuing to try to collect the debt. They also have fraudulently claim I was making a 10 payment a month on a 4 thousand dollar claim. I went to dispute but the company has been taken off the credit report. My question is the state of limitation over (I reside in GA) and how do I stop them from trying to collect on an old debt that is no longer posted on my Credit reports

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Sorry let me clarify the history portion on CR shows late payments/no payments only  from 06/07 the original credit agency claims there was still credit available so they left the account active until late 07 . A payment was mailed off in December of 07 but not posted until 08.The remaining credit was then reversed and taked on as interest instead of still being available then the credit company at that time was already selling off the debt to an collection agency. I am in the process of responding to the summons now. Any suggestions on what to state?

Activity on the account ended in 2007 last payment recieved is  recorded as the beginning of 2008. The collection agency purchased in 2009.

Can you give us the exact date when you had made the last payment? Depending on that we will have to decide if the Statute of Limitations has expired or not.

Once the statute of limitation has expired, the collection agency can’t take any legal action against you. You may try to negotiate with the collection agency before the court issues an order against you. You may also take advice from an experienced attorney in this regard.

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