HI, I have HUGE MAJOR DABT...I owe 230,000 on my h

HI, I have HUGE MAJOR DABT...I owe 230,000 on my house which has a $30,000 Line of credit attaced to it and I have a Vehicle that I owe 15,000 on but its only worth 7,500 and I have about 27,000 in credit card debt and I need to move out of Canada back home to the US for family reasons....WHAT CAN I DO????? Can my creditors chase me into the states? I hate to even ask that but I had to. I havent used my lines of credit or my credit cards for 5 months its not like Im rackign up debt and running. Im just at a loss and I only have about 6 weeks to do somethign! I am presently employed but that will cease when I move...I NEED HELP!!!

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 Defaulting on your payments is not a criminal offense. They can't chase you unless you've committed fraud.

Civil court summons are to be served at your last known address. If you move out of Canada and stay in U.S. till the time the SOL on your debts expire, they won't be able to serve you with summons. But remember, that once you're back within this period, things might catch up with you yet again!

Yes, the creditors are less likely to come after you once you shift to States. But to be on the safe side, you can contact your creditors and try to arrange suitable repayment plan with them. Debt is your responsibility. You should not ignore it. You can also take professional help in this regard.

I don't think your creditors will chase you to the States. You can contact your creditors and check out if they will be ready to give you a settlement plan which might help you in paying off the debts asap.

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