Does anyone recommend any companies for consolidat

Does anyone recommend any companies for consolidating credit card debt?

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I agree with marvel has said. Don't waste your money to any debt consolidation company. Rather, negotiate with the creditors to reduce the interest rates yourself. Just browse through the community. You can get plenty of resources.

Why do you even want to enroll into a debt consolidation program? Why would you even want to give away money to a third party for the job that you can do of your own? It is possible for you to consolidate your debts of your own. As you mainly have credit card debts, you can opt for balance transfer so as to lower the interest rates and roll over the debts as a single one.

Still if you would like to take the help of a debt consolidation company, you will have to check with the authenticity of the company.

You can take help from your relatives and friends who had paid off their debts successfully with the help of a consolidation company. They will help you in choosing the right company so that you do not fall into the trap of any scam company.

Don't work with any debt consolidation company where the debt consultant forces you to enroll yourself in the company. Anyone with a pushy attitude is probably going to be a scam.

Check the BBB listing. You might find a few well rated, accredited consolidation firms.

You will have to consider some aspect before selecting a reliable debt relief company, such as- company profile, reputation, accreditation, tenure, cost and structure, client testimonials etc. You may visit this link to choose a debt relief company:

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