Does anyone know if 500fastcash, oneclickcash, loa

Does anyone know if 500fastcash, oneclickcash, loanpointusa, theviploanshop, integrity advance, and idealgelt are liscensed internet payday loan companies. I live in Louisiana and the office of financial institution said that they do not issue liscenses to any payday loan companies that are not actually operating in louisiana. However, they told me that while they do not liscense and/or regulate internet payday loans, that the companies have to follow the laws of louisiana and do have to be liscensed. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if these particular companies are liscensed anywhere. If not, do I only have to pay the principal. I really appreciate the feedback I've been gettiing because I am in way over my head with payday loans.

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As far as I know internet payday loan companies are licensed in Louisiana. To make sure whether or not the above mentioned companies are licensed in your state, you can contact with the Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions. Their contact detail is as follows:
# Address - P.O. Box 94095 Baton Rouge LA 70804
# Phone - (225) 925-4660
# Fax - (225) 925-4548

If they are not licensed, then you can get rid of the debts by paying them only the principal amount. If you have already paid them more than the principal then ask them for the refund. Otherwise, if you find that they are licensed, then you will be accountable for both the principal and interest.

Your query has been replied to in the given page: . Take a look at it. I hope it will help you.

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