Do they have authority to take such action?

If a credit card owner didn’t pay his credit card bill and was died, then can the credit card company force his family to pay? Do they have authority to take such action?

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If none of the family members are in any way related to the debts of the deceased, then there is no way the creditors can come after them for the debts. But, there are various nuances attached with such situations. So, if you could provide us more details regarding the debts and what the creditors are actually wanting from you all, it would be easier for us to give you the proper answer.

Sherry is right. Credit Card Company doesn’t have any authority to force card owner’s family to pay.

Yes, they can come after you for recuperating the money. Therefore, you better take steps to repay the debt amount as soon as possible. Take professional help if needed.

Sometimes the credit card companies come after the family members for the deceased person's debt.

When you're no longer in this world, your estate will be responsible for paying off the debt. Your state executor will examine your debts and assets, and pay off the debts. 

The credit card company cannot force the card holder's family to pay off the debt. However, if there is a joint card holder, then the credit card company can come after that joint card holder for the payments.

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