Currently I pay nearly $1000/month (~$25K total) f

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You may write to your creditor regarding your financial hardship and explain why you need fresh payment terms. Remember, you'll need to show them through the harsh reality that you're facing today. But when you talk about the best way for not having to use your cards any more, it's all about increasing your savings. You'll need to list all your regular expenses and identify which ones you may actually do without. This will help you to prepare the right budget for your future.

If you are paying the debts on time, then your creditors won't even agree to a credit card debt consolidation. Moreover, you need to show some kind of financial hardship in order to get qualified for it. However, it remains a fact that credit card debt consolidation is quite a good option in order to get rid of your debt problems if you become delinquent on your credit cards.

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