Can you tell me what will happen?

My wife and I both of us lost our jobs 2 years back. We couldn’t pay our credit card and medical bills. The creditors have filed a lawsuit against us and now we have to go to a hearing. Can you tell me what will happen?

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Yes, I have given a reply to the summons. No I’m not working now and can’t afford to settle these accounts with any of my creditors.

Sure, let me get out my crystal ball.


Of course we can't tell you what will happen.


You need to be prepared.  Did you file an answer to the summons you received?  Are you working now?  Can you afford to settle these accounts with any of your creditors?

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It depends on the judge, they are the one that would order it. The creditor should they win may request any of these things.


If the debt is sufficient i could see them obtaining a lien on your property that would remain until you pay the amount owed. They could even have your wages garnished, although that if memory serves is a portion of your disposable income, and if you'r unemployed that would be 0 ha ha...

If the amount is large, and you don't have many assets you could consider bankruptcy.

Lots of things can happen. If the creditors win the case and secure judgment against you, then they can impose a lien on your property. They can also freeze your bank account.

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