Can they do that without proving to me that they own my debt?

LNVN sent me a letter about 2 yrs ago and I sent them 2 debt validation letters. They sent back a short paragraph stating an amount etc but no copy of an original account from the Credit Card company that owned the debit originally. Now I see them on all three of my credit reports. Can they do that without proving to me that they own my debt??? What do I do now? Any help greatly appreciated please

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Did you respond to their "paragraph" and tell them that it wasn't sufficient validation and re-request that they properly validate the debt?  Because they can simply say, we validated the debt and never heard back.  You have to follow up!

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Dispute the account with the credit bureau.

Ask for the proof before taking any step towards debt repayment. Don't end paying a dime on the debt that is not yours.

Did you ask specifically for a copy of the card holder agreement???

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No, they can't do that without proving you that you owe the debt. However, if they still do so, then file a complain against them to the State Attorney General or Federal Trade Commission.

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