Can the creditors make me pay after I have left the country?

My creditor had filed for judgment at the beginning of this year for an unpaid credit card. I had left the country before the judgment filing. I don\'t know about the status of the case. I am living in London since then. I don’t plan to go back to US. My question is how can I know whether or not judgment has been filed against me? If the creditor has won judgment, then will it follow me to London? Can the creditor freeze account in London?

2 Answers

Even if the creditor has won judgment, then also it is less likely to follow you to London. They can't freeze your account in London. However, if the creditors have secured judgment against you, then they can freeze your financial accounts back in US.

Wel, I don't think your creditor will be able to take any legal action against you right now. But, once you decide on returning to the US, your file will be opened once more. It will then be easier for them to pursue any unpaid debt.

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