Can anybody tell me what is exactly re-aging of credit accounts?

Can anybody tell me what is exactly re-aging of credit accounts?

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What can one possibly do when creditors re-age the accounts?

Re-aging of the account is an illegal tactics used in general by the creditors or collection agencies. With re-aging, the creditor or collection agency changes the last date of payment to the present even if the SOL on the debt has expired. This is done so that they can collect the debt from you. However, if you have the ability to make the payments, you can ask the creditor to re-age the account in order to become debt free and improve your credit.

When a creditor re-ages your account, they remove the negative information from your account and the late payments from your credit report. The information that they provide to the credit bureaus will remove any indication of late payments that you had made in the past and mark your account as "current". If you can make your creditor to re-age your past due account, you will find that your account history reaches to good standing from delinquent. This positive result on your credit report will boost your credit score.

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