Can a settlement check for an accident with the City be garnished without being served/notified

I had an accident with a city vehicle which was the City of Chattanooga;s fault.
The adjuster gave estimate and I agreed to $500. The City sent a lien waver releasing the driver & the City of any liabilities.
They sent me four copies of wavier requesting I sign (3) of them, all three witnessed by two witnesses, and mail back to them.
I received my check in about 14 days along with a garnishment/judgment for $413.00, which they had deducted from my settlement check of $500.
Upon receipt I called the City asking what this was for and they couldn\'t tell me. Only that it could be for a parking ticket, speeding ticket, etc.
I did owe a couple of tickets from 2008, but shouldn\'t I have been served or at least notified when they sent the wavier?
They didn\'t file garnishment until 1/3/12, which is when they would have received my signed wavier.

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No, you will receive a summons before garnishing your wages/bank account. Garnishment will be possible only when the court issues an order against you.

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