Can a company like debt free services, Inc. help m

Can a company like debt free services, Inc. help my girlfriend get her student loans out of student loan wage garnishment? Need help and I need to know what are reputable companies to trust in this. The guarntor of the loans is DOE. I need to know the best action for her. We are trying to consolidate and get her on a payment plan she can afford.

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Liza is right. Debt free services can't help your girlfriend get her student loans out of student loan wage garnishment. I am afraid that the debt relief companies can't help you on this issue. You'll have to contact the lender directly regarding this issue.

I am a student loan collector and the Department of Education is my main client.  Student loans cannot be included in any debt management plan.  You will have to deal directly with the Department of Education as they will not permit a 3 party to negotiate.  You should have received a notice prior to the garnishment starting giving you a chance to appeal the garnishment.  If the garnishment is already in place, your only option is to pursue a rehab, 9 months of on time payments over and above the garnishment.  If your income is low, you can request a reasonable and affordable payment plan.

Before you choose a debt consolidation service, you'll need to discuss things with the credit counselor. Once the credit counselor achieves a fair view of your actual financial situation, he'll be in a better position to deliver the best program. Help him assess your other financial obligations in a proper way. Also, go through a company's accreditations and testimonials in their website, before you enroll.

Hi Marty,

Not all debt relief companies are able to consolidate student loans. Before going for a debt consolidation program with debt free services, your girlfriend should speak to them and get a clear idea whether or not they will be able to assist her in consolidating the debts. Or else, your girlfriend can dierctly contact her student loan lender and check if he can offer her a repayment plan to pay off the debt.

Take care.

As I'm not a lawyer, I believe that "A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit". :)

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