Can I just drop a check with the card number into the bank ATM

I have a corporate credit card which has a credit limit of 10000. Now I have used the card for my personal use also and wish to pay the particular amount. Normally the card is paid by my company, and I am not aware of how the payment is handled. So if I want to pay the credit card, can I just drop a check with the card number into the bank ATM, or there can be some other process to handle the payment.

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Go directly into the bank to make the payment.

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Definitely go through your accounting department at work.  You may get a slap on the wrist (or worse) for using the card for personal purchases.  It's against policy where I work and, depending on  what was purchased and/or how much was spent, can get you an official reprimand or even termination.

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Contact the accounts department of your company. The officers working at the accounts department can guide you on this matter. Other than that, you can contact the bank directly. They can guide you in the right way. 

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