Can I be sued for a debt incurred 14 years ago?

I incurred credit card debts when I was married. I haven’t paid the debts for more than 14 years. Plus, I have got back my maiden name. Can the creditors come after me for debts? Can they sue me?

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In California the SOL for Written Contracts is 4 years, Oral Agreements is 2 years, Promissory Notes is 4 years and Open-ended Accounts is 4 years.

The SoL for a debt in California is 4 years so you are pretty well past the time limit.

I live in California. What is the SOL in this state?

Yes, if the Statute of Limitations or SOL on a debt has expired, even if the creditor sues you they won't be able to win the case. You will have to show proof of expiry of SOL on the debt by submitting a copy of your last payment made on the debt. However, if you have made any payments or made any agreements on the payment, you might have triggered the SOL to restart. In that case, they may sue you for the debt and its non-payment.

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What state do you live in? If the SOL period has expired, then the creditors can’t take any legal action against you. If it hasn’t expired, then they can sue you.

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