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I have a credit score of 760. I was residing in a duplex but had to move out unfortunately as the owners failed to repair the central air conditioning in that duplex. I have no other option as it’s too hot now. I want to purse legal actions against the owner but want to know how this will affect my credit score. I have sent a certified letter mentioning the reason for leaving the property. But have another 11 months on lease. Will this unfortunate breaking of lease affect me?

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Usually, it does not affect credit score. However, some of the landlords or duplex authorities report the matter to the tenant screening bureaus. These bureaus mainly look into the rental payment record, lease agreements, etc. So, if may be possible that the breaking of lease agreement will get reported to some less known bureaus. This may make it difficult for you to rent an apartment in future. 

You are thinking about taking the legal action against the owner. If the owner wins the case and obtains a judgment against you, then it will be reported to your credit report. This will hurt your credit score. 

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