Best way to eliminate credcard debt

Best way to eliminate credcard debt

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It's always better to obtain a good repayment plan as my previous poster has stated. Regardless of whether you negotiate with them on your own or you hire a professional debt relief service, you'll have to be absolutely sure of your current financial strength. Once you're able to show the counselor through your current financial obligations it will be easier for him to offer the right plan that suits your budget.

I think, the best way to eliminate credit card debt is to make payments on time. This is because late payments may hurt your credit score by 35%. If your financial condition doesn’t permit you to repay the debt in full, then you may negotiate with your creditors. You may try to arrange a better repayment plan with them. If it is not possible for you to negotiate with your creditors on your own, then you may get help from a reliable debt relief company. This company then negotiates with your creditors on your behalf.

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