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My husband accumulated debt on credit cards without my knowledge. His parents went through a rough patch after a major car accident and he tried to help them out. They are in his name only. He is currently unemployed and cannot make the payments. He has no assets in his name at this time but he is on the deed on the house. He received summons from law office representing Discover. He answered the summons and a court date is set for later in the year. We have a small amount we can use to try and settle. He is going to contact the law firm today and make offer for 40% settlement. He is very nervous about the call. The other accounts are another Discover and two Citi. He has not contacted them or had any contact or paid anything on the accounts for the last 6 months. I see all the post about not using a settlement company. I hope we can do it on our own. If he does get this one settled to stop the case against him should he contact all of the others at the same time or do them one at a time? Should he go to the other discover account first? I see the accounts may not be with them now as well. Was going to run credit report to see if it would shed any light.

We appreciate this group. any answers, insights or encouragement most appreciated.

Thank you.

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It is always a good option to negotiate with the creditors on your own rather than taking the help of the debt relief companies. If you try and settle the debts on your own, you will be able to save the money that you pay as fees to those debt relief companies. You should encourage your husband to contact all the creditors one by one and negotiate for debt settlement. It may take some time to convince the creditors but you and your husband should not lose your patience. If the account has been assigned to collection agencies, then your husband will have to negotiate with the collection agencies for debt settlement.

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