Assistance Needed - Please

Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide. Background information:
- BK in 2012
- Receive disability from Homeland Security as of May 2015
- Approved for Social Security Disability February 2017
- Terminate for my disability (after 12 years) from Homeland Security September 2014 (Tourette Syndrome)
- In process with litigation against Homeland Security-Settlement date unknown.
- All financial obligations declined between December 2015 thru March 2016
- 3 accounts with the infamous Midland LLC with one of the three being represented by Blitt and Gains Law Firm
- Receive a fixed monthly income ~$1400.00

- Summons to appear in court this Tuesday, March 7, 2017
- I reside in Cook Count, Illinois (Suburb of Skokie)

Can anyone please advise?

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