Are these companies legal in the US? If not what d

Are these companies legal in the US? If not what do I do? My Cash Now, United Consumers, Discount cash Advance, Revfund, plain green loans? I have pdl through all of them.

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You should contact with the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Services to know whether or not pdl companies are licensed in your state. Their contact detail is as follows:
# Address - P.O. Box 30220 Lansing MI 48909
# Phone - (877) 999-6442
# Fax - (517) 335-4978 

depends on state laws some states allow out side collection company's to collect in there state if they don't solicit business in there state.



Which state do you reside in? If you provide this information, we can offer you a more personalized reply.

There might be some states wherein these companies will have the license to operate. In those states, these companies will be considered as legal. However, in some states, these companies won't be licensed and there they would be considered as illegal.

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