Anyone settle with citibank credit card for less than 45%

I am trying to settle with citibank credit card and they won\'t go less than 45%. My account is about to be charged off in 12 days.

3 Answers

Accept the offer. It is not a bad settlement offer. If you remain adamant, then your account will get charged-off. It will not be good for your credit, 

It not only depends on the creditor but also on your affordability. However, if you are not able to settle the debt as per your affordability, try to get the help of a debt settlement company.

It is completely the creditor's discretion as to the amount he would settle the debts for. I think you should accept the settlement offer that they are offering or else the account will go into collections. It will be difficult for you to get a settlement if the account goes into collections.

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