Anyone ever settled with Discover?

We owe Discover $15k today we offered them $5000 trying to settle with them. They told us that they never settle. Please help!

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All of the above posters are right. You can contact with a reliable debt relief company that will help you to settle your debts. But it depends on Discover’s discretion whether or not to agree for settlement. To choose a reliable debt relief company, check out this page:

How did you approach the creditor? You need to prove that you are in real financial hardship and that you are low on affordability. Only if you can do this, may the creditor agree to settle your debt. Moreover, you will also have to miss payments on the account before the creditor agrees to settle the account. Otherwise, you can try to get the help of a debt relief company who can help you with settling the debt.

Yes, such companies often tell you that they don't settle debts. So if you really want to reduce the principal amount, you should contact a professional debt settlement company. They can assist you in negotiating with your creditor and lower the balance to make repayment easier for you.

Why don't you take the help of a debt relief company in this regard? They may negotiate with Discover and may help you in settling your debts.

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