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I have been receiving voice mails and messages from Discover card. This card of mine has a zero balance. The messages that are left state \"please call us at your earliest convenience regarding recent correspondence from us\". I haven’t received any letters from them. My wife called back to tell them to stop calling us but they won’t. Anyone else getting these calls? I am ready to close this account out of sheer annoyance...

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i got a call before and it's really annoying how these people just call you ANYTIME AT THEIR CONVENIENCE. and it scares me that these people knopw my name, address and my phone numbe. it's really not safe noawadays. i save every phone number that calls my house and report suspicious calls to the authority and callercenter. we may not be able to locate these culptits, but by getting the word out, their actions are limited. 

did you get the phone number? checked on it thru Google or complaint sites such as that could be a scam call. a lot of these scammers call you and take the name of a known establishment. 

If the card that they're calling you for has 0 balance, then you need not worry. Just give them a call so that you can calrify yourself.

What are they calling you about??

You cannot cease a first party or original creditor. And closing an account could drop your credit score.


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