A lawyer called ,said he was representing Bank of

A lawyer called ,said he was representing Bank of America, and we had to make an arrange. to pay-$10,117!!
Then I find out it is Pinnacle LLc who is the client. What to do??

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Definitely do not pay a dime until after you receive validation of this debt. I could be mistaken, but it sounds as though the debt was purchased by Pinnacle and is now being collected by an attorney? If my assumption is correct, is this attorney within your jurisdiction, and licensed to practice law in your state? If the answer is yes, this means that the lawyer can sue you on behalf of Pinnacle. Again, very important to request validation of this debt. Also, if the lawyer is not licensed in your state, they are unable to sue you, and have likely been hired by Pinnacle as a scare tactic. But, again, it is very important that you request validation of this debt - no matter what the situation is. Good luck!



You can make a written request to the Pinnacle LLC for a debt validation letter via certified mail with a return receipt request. I hope the following link may help you in this regard:

You shouldn't make payments towards accounts that you don't owe. Pinnacle LLC. should be able to validate it. If they can't validate your debt then they probably don't own it. Make sure you communicate in writing (better if you use a certified mail) and don't commit anything over the phone.

Refrain from making any payment at this moment. Call Bank Of America to dig out the truth. You may send a DV letter to Pinnacle LLC. 

Your information is not clear.  It was a BOFA account, but does pinnacle now own it or are they just collecting it???

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Are you sure that you owe the debt to Bank of America/Pinnacle LLC? If yes, then you need to make the payment arrangement. I will suggest you to negotiate with the creditor/lawyer and try to settle the debt. You can negotiate with them and try to convince them for an affordable payment plan so that you don't have to pay the debt in full. It will depend upon the creditor/lawyer as to what type of payment plan he will offer you.

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