5 years ago, I guaranteed 1 loan and 2 credit card

5 years ago, I guaranteed 1 loan and 2 credit cards for my growing business (I have an LLC). Due to the economy, the business has become worse and worse...The remaining balances are PNC Card - $5,900, PNC LOC $65,800 and Chase Card - $35,900. Payments are around $2,000 per month...The company has been paying all 3 accounts (hardship arrangement) for over 2 years. There is about 6 months of revenue left in the company... Should I begin to negotiate some sort of consolidation or restructure now? I have an excellent paying full-time job but I cannot possibly pay the monthly paymrents that will be switched to me once the company is closed... Also, on the personal side, I have never had much debt and my credit rating is 814. Do you have any advice about what I should be doing right now?

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It is a good time to restructure your debts. Call the creditors and try to schedule a payment plan.

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