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I owe 5900.00 from discover card I have been trying to pay at least 100.00 a month they keep threatning law suit discover wrote off tis debt.
what can I do can they take me to court

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I would advice you to work out a debt repayment plan and pay what you owe as soon as possible. The best way to move forward is to pay off the debt by negotiating with the creditor.

Your account is already been charged off, so you were about six months late on your payments.
The best way to deal with charge-offs is to settle them with your creditor as soon as possible. Remember that the creditor has already written off your account as a loss, so they will be willing to negotiate and accept a settlement for less than the full amount.

It's Tiara

You can negotiate with them for an alternative payment plan, or negotiate for settlement as advised by others.

It is better to take help of a debt settlement company to sort out your unpaid debts.

Yes they can take you to the court. They have charged off your account already. Either settle your account or pay off the amount in full.

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