who is M. Callahan and associates?

I got a call today from M. Callahan and assoc. th
I got a call today from M. Callahan and assoc. they say they have a civil suit filed against my s.s. # and my drivers license. What exactly does that mean. They left me a message on my voice mail. Can they even do something like that

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I was contacted by this agency today, and threatened by them with criminal proceedings. They mentioned "Intent to defraud a financial institution" and "felony theft". This was over a car repossession that happened in 2013, and which was declared on a chapter 13 filing. I called the chapter 13 attorney, and he assured me that this debt is listed in the filing, so it's no longer owed. When I mentioned the chapter 13 to this company they told me that the criminal filings had nothing to do with the chapter 13. and that if I didn't take steps to resolve this today, I would soon be receiving a summons for the criminal charges. This, in itself, is off because for these kind of charges, people don't receive a summons. A uniformed officer will show up and take the person to jail.

m calla han an associates is a scam legal company trying to convince you that their is a warrant issued for your arrest .. they r a debt collection company using illegal tactics . they r calling from numerous numbers including 3302329170...do not respond to them and report their threats to the police

I started receiving threatening calls from them about all the same tactics that are being discussed. I actually contacted my state attorney generals office about it. I was told that on a payday loan, you issue a checking account and if they go to take out the money and the account is closed or insufficient funds, then all that can be charged is an insufficient funds check amount as well as the amount you initially wrote the check for. They indicated that even the fees were bogus. Obviously, they were for paying the debts but said that these companies purchase the defaulted loans for pennies on the dollar and then work on getting people to pay them back. Sort of an investment for these companies in hopes they get a return on their money. Sad thing is some people will actually pay them more than what the loan is actually worth. This is the tactic that they use. Finally, I was told that criminal charges cannot be filed. Only thing that can be filed is a civil suit by the initial lender to which they have to send notification of as well as notification of the debt before filing. Bottom line is don't pay these people a dime until you get a copy of the debt and most of all, don't allow them to scare you into paying outrageous amount of fees. If they start to harass, turn them in to the FCC. 

Okay this company just called me and I am not the person they are looking for, 1st call they hung up on me, 2nd call he put me on hold with even saying a word. When he came back on line I stated he was rude and he asked if I was the perosn he was looking for before I could say a word he told me if I wasn't her he did not have time to waste talking to me. HOW SO UNPROFESSIONAL I totally understand they are trying to collect a debt but at least be polite about it. He called my phone

I have been getting the same type of call from a Natalie as well.  She called my phone over 30 times the other day, stating they were going to garnish my check.  Asked for their address to send them a certified check and she hung up.

This website has really opened up my eyes.  I will not pay them anything.

In addition, if the debt is legitimate, they should be able to send you copies of statements or your signature on purchases since everything is electronic nowadays.  Usually a demand for proof of the debt will cause some back peddling by these vultures.


Also, check your court records of debt owed and reference the issuing state of the credit card.  Frequently, cards originating from Delaware have a three year limit for filing to beat the statute of limitations.  In most cases, with careful checking, one would discover that they are already operating outside of the parameter of their recovery period.

This company is a scam and is not legitimate!


They CANNOT file a lawsuit against you, its a complete and total scare tactic. Debt collection companies will say a lot of crap to try and scare you into paying whatever they say. I had these people call me today and say they were filing 'malicious check fraud charges' against me. I've worked as an attorney for over 10 years now, and when I asked where they were filing it (state court? which county? etc etc), and how in the world they can say that we were 'due in court in 2 days' (totally bogus) they just hung up. Its all crap. The idea that they could file anything and think that you would be due in court without so much as being served is just craziness. I dont think its cool that they do this to people, its really pathetic when you think about it.

This is the way debt collectors work. If you dont own anything they can put a lien on, like property, all they can do is call over and over and make baseless threats. If you dont have the money to pay your bills, what are they going to file charges for? Also, do you really think that the courts waste their time on people who dont pay their bills, or try to force them into getting money they dont have to pay something without so much as a written demand? Its crap, people sell debts to one another, and they switch hands a million times, and then creeps like this make stuff up (and make sure to talk really fast) to scare people who dont know better. First, I wasnt even the person who they were looking for and Ive never heard of whatever 'client' they had.

Next time one of these douchebag companies calls and say some garbage about filing charges and whatever else, just tell them to go right ahead, and youll be waiting for them to serve you with a summons (which will never happen). I mean, what kind of legitimate company hangs up on people when they ask questions? Its a joke, and nothing to worry about. Im not saying that not paying your bills is cool, its not, but if you cant afford to pay a bill, what are you supposed to do? Also, while not paying your debts is irresponsible, so is flat out lying to people to try and scare them. Theyre basically calling everyone stupid, and saying 'youre too dumb to know how ridiculous this really sounds'. Scumbags.

They called me too from a Pennsylvania number. There are many lawsuits and complaints against them and they wont be around much longer. Losers like this deserve whatever they get


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