ok. so i was in a car accident at the beginning of

ok. so i was in a car accident at the beginning of this year and my aunt still had insurance on the car. her insurance didnt cover it and the collection agency/farmers insurance is looking for $18000 or they will suspend both our licenses. they have given me an ultimatum of paying a $500 down payment and $125 a month. that doesnt sound all bad but im 18yrs old, pay child support, pay court fines, maxed out on my credit car paying for court, and i pay rent with my aunt that i live with and i have a minimum wage job that pays only $400 to $500 a month. that barely covers my expenses. is there any way to file for bankruptcy on this? and if i pay the $500 down payment and get the promissary note can i keep our licenses and still file for bankruptcy?

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