my question is about my mother recently

my question is about my mother recently receiving a letter stating that a lawsuit had been filed against her that they would begin attempting to serve is not to late to settle this matter..act now ..followed with what look like real court papers stateing an old debt she had from almost 4 years ago which was at the time called in as fraud...but never heard back from capitol one until now with this letter...they are claiming they can take her property...she is elderly and is on retirement and social security and barely makes ends meet as it is...ive never had any kind of experience with court things so i dont know what to do, we dont have neither the money or knoweledge to get a lawyer..if there is any help you can give me i would greatly appreciate it she and well now i are both very worried about this. thank you

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Check if the SOL is over. What state do you live in?

I know you're worried about your mom. This much is evident from your post. Can you please tell me what state are you in? 4 Years is a long time. Even if the debt is a genuine one, the SOL period is most likely over. They can't take her property just like that. It's a scare tactic. They can only impose a lien on her property, and that is only possible if they win judgment against your mom from the court. They can't touch her SSI. Okay. Much depends on what these papers are.

How much are they claiming by the way? Is this debt valid or fraud?

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