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Hi there!
You helped me a few years ago to settle some loans I took to help pay for my cancer bills. I just received a letter from Midwest Fidelity. I'm not sure what to do with this. First of all, I don't remember even taking a loan from Uncle Warbucks. Second of all, I looked the company up and Uncle Warbucks is a Canadian tribal company. Can Midwest make me liable for this? and will this end up on my credit report? I have fought hard the past five years and finally got my credit score back up to 700's and some money in my account.

Their letter states Uncle Warbucks gave them authority to settle my balance. Balance is stated to be 1440.00 but they want to settle for 1080.00. -If payment is made by due date this will satisfy your obligation to this creditor. Midwest Fidelity is not obligated to renew this offer.- They have also been robocalling me saying they are within legal grounds of pursuing this debt.

Could you offer some guidance?

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It is a sheer scam. Ignore the calls.

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