is shadow creek captial a lagit agency

I received a call at work from this company, I\'m on maternity leave so recepctionist took messege that they were trying to reach me to serve papers so I didn\'t miss court date they told that to the receptionist they called my phone within 5 mins of calling my job left a voicemail stating I needed to call back and that this was my official I called them and was told it was for check fraud from a payday loan I explained my situation that I\'m not working right now and didn\'t have any money they weeny happy with that and said they wanted money now or I\'d have to go to court so I talked to them more and was granted 60 days with 2 payments..I requested that paperwork be sent to my house (they didn\'t have new address but had new phone number) when I got the paper it just says amount I owe account number and my 2 payment arrangements and at bitten it says this is an attempt to collect a debt and had a typed name of director no signature..I\'m not saying I don\'t owe the money because I do I\'m just trying to figure out if their lagit. andthey have my debit card info..if they are fake do I tell them I\'m not paying??

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When I called Ace, they actually directed me to call Shadow Creek. Best things to do, stop making excuses and just pay your bills.

The funny thing is I resolved this claim voluntarily. They are legit and were very kind about this. Thanks Shadow Creek. Obviously these other people are going to claim fraud so they dont have to pay

Google map that address. Laughable

They actually are not a scam...they do collect on pay day loans...i have paid off my Ace Cash payday loan through them, if you call the company that they tell you they are collecting on, you will be advised to call Shadowcreek Capital...after I paid my Ace Cash loan through them, i did recieve a paid in full letter from Ace Cash themselves

This just happened to me yesterday. I know someone who worked in payday loans she said it sounded like a scam . She called the payday loan where I had the loan the they told her what collection agency they were using and it wasnt Shadow Creek Capital. When she tried to call Shadow Creek Capital and ask any questions they hung up on her. I to hand given them my debit card number, So I called my bank the said to cancell my debit card and get a new one issued. So if you gave them that info do what my bank said asap!!!!


Dont send any money they did that to me thank God i realized they a SCAM.

Omg they same thing happened with me I sent them a hundred and told them I would send more when I got the money due to me not working and they keep calling me saying the same thing...

This is a scam. You should not make any payment to them. Register a complaint with FTC. 

I don’t think they are a legitimate collection agency. Ask them to validate the debt in writing via certified mail with a return receipt request. If they don’t give you a valid proof, then you need not to pay them a dime. Their contact detail is as follows:
Shadow Creek Capital Inc.
8497 Lake Shore Rd
Angola, NY 14006-9777

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