have not yet received any papers from the court

have not yet received any papers from the court system but I received Summons from a lawyer of Cache LLC for a past debt, but they restarted the dat on the owed amount and on top of the papers it says I can be locked up if I dont reply. what to do?

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I think that it was an unsolicited mail. it would be best if you took a piece of advice from the attorney before intending

They are fraudsters. You should talk to an attorney to take proper steps.

This is completely a scam. They can't put you in a jail or something. And, they can't restart your SOL clock just like that. What they are saying is not true. But yes, you should give a reply to summons within 21 days. Consult an attorney. He can tell you if you have really been summoned by the court or if it is just a scam.

Sell your crap, pay your debt, and do what you love......

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