arrowe financial:Checked my bank account Friday to

arrowe financial:Checked my bank account Friday to discover there was a hold placed on my account in the amount of $8700.00, and there were two debits made-one to Arrow and another for $125.00 to my bank- apparently a fee all banks charge (so my bank says) each time there is a garnishment on the account. I called this company and they couldn't tell me who the original debt was with only that it was from 2003 and was originally $1200.00. They said if I made a payment arrangement they would not garnish again if I made my payments on time so I did. They said they would send me paperwork stating the agreement. I haven't received any agreement yet but did receive a copy of court ruling from my bank re the matter. I called the legal dept of my bank and they confirmed Arrow has to go through a process each time they want to garnish my account. Looks like they didn't actually take the money that was debited,looks like it's just on hold and their is a date on the court paperwork the bank sent and on my account online-2099. So they will have a hold on my bank account for the next million years until whatever this is is paid? WTH?! How do I even find out what this is? All I see on my credit report is this company. No amount or anything else. I feel so sick about this. My credit was really good until this happened. I'm not working right now, when I start again will they also garnish my wages directly from my job? The man I spoke to said as long as I pay my payment on time each month they will not garnish me again. Also,this is acruing $1.60 in interest DAILY!!! How can they do this? The court procedure was in a county I haven't lived in in nearly 10 years. I never received any paperwork regarding this. I feel really sick. Please help..

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