allied litigation group, has anyone heard of them.

allied litigation group, has anyone heard of them. They are supposed to be out of texas

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Allied Litigation Group is a scam!!!!!!!

Right off the bat they definitely seem unprofessional, and some questions they ask are rather fishy??? There were no straight answers, but asks for personal information? However they did alert me to possible identity theft situation...

I think Anonymous is trying to cover some tracks.  More relaible credit boards suspect that this is a local number being used as a cover for Alliance - a collection company based in New York that is known for illegal collection tactics.  At any rate, they are breaking multiple collection laws by their tactics.

Also, they are not registered with the Texas Secretary of State, which makes their calls immediately illegal.  Save their messages and report them to


You are wrong. They are in Texas. I think there is some confusion. Why are you looking for their address?

This company is not BBB accredited. Their contact detail is as follows:
Allied Litigation Group
Phone no: (832) 583-0326
P.O Box: 832
Houston, TX 77042

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