Will plain Green Loanssue for nonpayment?

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consumer credit dept management companys do not except payday loans.  You would have to work with a payday dept management program, and they charge 40% on what you owe.

Michelle, that is completely untrue.  They cannot sue you.  Sending you a fake letter from a fake lawfirm is not the same thing as actually being sued.  You shouldn't believe the stuff they tell you.  I had a loan from plain green and paid back the principle and some interest and told them I have no more money to pay them.  I have yet to hear from them and my loan was due 5 days ago.  But I can tell anyone with 100% certainty that you WILL NOT be sued.  What I am on here trying to figure out is if it's going to be on my credit report.

that is good to know. I had a payday loan before and it didn't work out so well.

Yes they can.  This company was listed under a different name 4 yrs ago.  They then sell your account to someone else who CAN sue you, and they did that to me.  They garnished wages without even telling me first how much it was going to be.  When you start getting letters from an attorney you will know who it's from...Good luck..

going through the same thing. Can this company garnish your wages?

You woult be smart to go to aconcumer credit counselor. They are free in most states and can help you to consolidate all of your loans so that you won't  have to live with the stress of owing them. I have done this.  It works well

Thank you for your time in posting this information. It is greatly appreciated!

My previous poster is right. Plain Green is an illegal lender and they won’t be able to take any legal action against you. Moreover debts are civil, not a criminal offense. So you can never get arrested. Look at this page to know about how to deal with illegal lenders:

Plain Green can't even sue you. They are an illegal tribal lender.

They can't arrest you. Debts are civil my dear friend. Give up all your thoughts on going to the jail.

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