I asked a Collection Agency to validate an old account reporting on my CR and they replied that my account was past the 30 day validation period and remit payment immediately. My question is how do I know that I owe this debt if they will not validate? What should my response be to the collection agency?

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Yes, as suggested by SC, you shouldn't pay a cent. If the collection agency contacts you, ask them to validate the debt first.

The collection agency probably violating the FDCPA law. As per the rule, they have no longer rights to collect the payment or contact you.

Check once, whether or not the CS is licensed in your state.

I would rather suggest you to take a look at here -

I hope you'll find answers to all of your queries..

Good luck!!

It's Tiara

Your answer will be simple. You won't pay a penny if they don't validate the debt. What is the name of the collection agency?

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