Unfair debt collection.

I have a question about disputing debt if anybody is familiar with that??

I have a $785 debt that just popped up on my AT&T account. The past due charges come from payments that my ex-boyfriend made on the account and then turned around several months later and reputed them. Then they . gave me a month to pay which now my total bill is just under $1200. I tried to work out a payment plan with them but they wouldn't let me do anything other than painful or pay into two split payment.

Because this debt was already paid and confirmed does that mean I can dispute it when they send it to collections because I simply can't afford to pay this? I'm willing to pay my actual past due charges which is two months of services for my phone and Internet that I haven't been able to pay because they keep requesting full payment. They ran me around for two weeks telling me that they were having an investigation into it to try and help me find a solution which ended up being a huge lie because I never heard from anybody and I've always talk to different people.

Any ideas of what I can do?

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Reading the original post it appears that the ex paid his part of the bill and then disputed them....which left you with the balance. Right? Then ignore Barbara.. You owe AT and T...sue the ex to recover his portion.

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Yes, of course, you can dispute the debt. You said the debt was already paid, I hope you have the proper document to justify that truth.

Make sure to dispute the debt in writing within 30 days of the initial communication with the debt collector. If you do this, then the debt collector has to stop all collection activity until it provides the required verification.

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