Trying to collect on a paid bill!

I was recently contacted by a collection agency(Bay Area Credit Service) about a hospital bill from four years ago. I know the bill was paid and even confirmed with the hospital themselves, the account is good and at $0. I plan on filing a cease and desist, but I noticed that the creditor - Pendrick Capital Partners Il LLC - they are collecting for is a collection agency as well, and apparently the original creditor was also a collection agency too! My question - would I send a cease and desist to the current creditor as well as the collection agency trying to collect? What is going to stop the creditor from selling my info to someone else??

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Send the cease and desist letter to the collection agency who is trying to collect via certified mail. You can use this sample letter:

Ofcourse, contact the collection agency and send the cease and desist letter.

It's Tiara

Ask them to send a debt validation letter.

You need to send the letter to the collection agency, currently who's contacting you.

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